"La mère de nos mères" - Aurélie Charneux

Aurélie Charneux


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Her name is Lucy.
The mother of us all,
the cavewoman,
she who had never known a mother-in-law nor gluten.
She can be mellow as the willow, but also hard as the ebony.
She is present in each of us,
she breathes her dreams into us.

Sound, breath, wind,
essential elements which stir the air that beats to the tune of the deranged time.
Organic, vibrant, plenty of wood, reed, world music,
a little melodic world.

This creation is inspired by the cavewoman; but also by our most profound humanity. A certain melodic simplicity and a symbolical reconnection with our fundamental human nature. The album is made up of a series of “thematic” texts, which are recited and sung. Like a series of numbers. Two women interpret the different facets of this woman: universal mother, universal human being. Although we are immersed in a prehistorical universe, we realize that this woman could also be our neighbor on the fifth floor, or a human being of 3489 AC.