"E40" - Dazibao



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  • artist:Dazibao
  • featured artist:Jonathan De Neck, Sophie Cavez, Emmanuel Baily, Vincent Noiret, Jo Zenders
  • release year:2007
  • style(s):Folk
  • country:Belgium
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Homerecords.be
  • label:homerecords.be
  • publisher:homerecords.be
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Dazibao's music is hard to specify as it approaches a festive 'euro-oriental' folk atmosphere. The successful fusion of Sophie Cavez and Jonathan de Neck diatonic accordions' intermixes emotions of an extraordinary journey.

Nacreous buttons and bellows create a dance universe and a voluble listening. At the centre of this acoustic universe experienced personalities evolve in already proven paths.

This project has already been polished up (Dranouter folkfestival, Flagey, Euritmix, Festival de Saint-Chartier, Bozar, Festival d'art de Huy...) with Dazibao's first album 'Alma'. It was born from an encounter of the diatonic accordions crossbred with some Flamenco touches and eastern resonances with slight arabesques and impaired rhythms of the Balkans of Karim Baggili's guitar. All this sustained by the numerous percussions (darbouka, pandeiro, udu, cajon,...) of Jo Zanders.

Dazibao is now presenting a brand new repertoire with the release of its second album 'E40'! With Emmanuel Baily at the electro-acoustic guitar and Vincent Noiret at the double bass. A fresh and original quintet where music means pleasure. Dazibao amazes, breaks the rhythms, knows how to reinvent itself in a single song. Diatonist seeds' to expose in the wind