Duo Guo Gan & Emre Gültekin


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This project is the result of a unique encounter. Two different worlds who, a priori, have nothing in common......

"Humbug" say the instruments in the hands of musicians whose broadmindedness is more then obvious........

The beginning of the voyage..... In the Levant, the traditional chines violin, the Er Hu is calling for it's lover. A hint of Blues on a fretless guitar on a tune from an üctelli.
The caravan continues it's journey full of sounds coming from layta lutes, baglama's, tânbur and the percussion of rig en deholla. Passing through, a song by Pir Sultan Abdal, written in the 16th century and put to music by Lütfü Gültekin is heard. other compositions from his hands, at the end of the journey are a homage to Hasret Gültekin. We are not far from Sivas. Anadolu, the Fatherland. Nemrit winks an eye to the Na from China.

"Lune de Jade" is a little musical gem. An album full of poetry and gracefulness that is uncovering our hidden emotions.