Esteban Murillo


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Through ‘MI VERDAD’, Esteban MURILLO pays a vibrant homage to one of the greatest Spanish poets of the 20th century, Federico García LORCA.

Other letras flamencas were written by Paco MURILLO, the maternal grandfather of Esteban, who immigrated to Belgium to work in the coal mines, and who had been able to transmit to him the heritage of his Andalusian roots and his unconditional love for this musical genre and this typical dance, which originated in the 18th century based on popular folklore, at the crossroads between the East and the West, a perfect blend of the diverse cultures that will flourish in Andalusia throughout the centuries.

This intelligent little guy, barely 22 years old, must surely be enthralled by ‘el duende’, gifted with a voice that can submerge a number of Sierra Leone and a perfect command of his musical and rhythmic grammar. But he articulates all this knowledge and expertise with a global and lucid understanding of the environment in which he evolves, his knowledge of his working tools, his artistic perspective full of simplicity, clarity and subtlety, and a just and calibrated ambition, br=imming with confidence and overwhelming maturity.

On stage, through ‘MI VERDAD FLAMENCA’, Esteban MURILLO tells his story, and that of his grandfather, and shares his Andalusian culture through a performance that combines sensibility, intensity, modernity and authenticity. Besides the flamenco guitar, the dance and the traditional percussions, instruments rarely associated with flamenco, such as the piano, the electric bass and the accordion, add to the singular background of this venture and transform it to an innovative performance, extremely original, without distorting the traditional color of flamenco.