"Season 3 & 4" - Funk Sinatra

Funk Sinatra


A universe full of folklore, humour, revolution and mystery. An energetic, generous and creative sextet, where styles and traditions mix together or disappear into the present of the moment. More than a simple band, Funk Sinatra is in fact a huge saga, a long adventure whose each project may be compared to a season, at every stage of the trip to the gigantic outcome! Then all of the true stories and the characters we've met will find their place and will reveal their real sense.

Actually if each season build up a repertoire and its own universe, their combination unveils a whole new project. Then an infinite number of details, insignificant or not, will take a new shape a posteriori, uncovering their true nature.

Formed in June 2002 by Emmanuel Louis to perform his own compositions, Funk Sinatra is the meeting of musicians from varying disciplines (classical, jazz, rock, contemporary music, pop, free improvisation)