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  • artist:Ialma
  • featured artist:Veronica Codesal, Magali Menendez, Natalia Codesal, Marisol Palomo, Quentin Dujardin, Didier Laloy
  • release year:2016
  • style(s):Galician
  • country:Belgium
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Homerecords.be
  • label:Homerecords.be
  • publisher:Homerecords.be
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This is while walking, giving an impressive number of concerts all over the
world, that IALMA refined patiently Camiño:de Bruxelas a Santiago, the finest expression of the artistic maturity of Veronica, Magali, Natalia and Marisol.

With this 5th album, they are still other associations that cultivates IALMA. Camino is an unprecedented musical experience through Galician culture and traditions mixed with the diversity of our contemporary world.

IALMA’s musical journey with their Galician heritage which flows into their
veins is here not as a nostalgic retreat on The Country, but as the expression of an identity opened on the city which saw them rised :Brussels. The cosmopolitan one, rich in multiculturalism, crossroads of the world where the roots meet, exchange, share, and sometimes merge.

Camino is the choice of the opening to the other ; the singing of women of today, witnesses of this troubled context where respect, tolerance and expression are buffeted on all sides.