Jean-Marc Padovani & Paloma Pradal

Jean-Marc Padovani & Paloma Pradal

Line up

  • Jean-Marc Padovani (saxophone)
  • Julien Duthu (double bass)
  • Lionel Allemand (cello)
  • Ludovic Passavant (violin)
  • Paloma Pradal (cante)
  • Pascal Rollando (percussions)
  • Pauline Dangleterre (violin)
  • Stéphanie Blet (alto violin)



Saxophonist, composer and arranger, he was born in 1956 and lives in Toulouse (31). He worked with André Jaume, Jean-Louis Chautemps, Claude Barthélémy, Michel Marre, Louis Sclavis, Michel Godard, Bobby Rangell, Mal Waldron, Benny Wallace, Enrico Rava, Gérard Marais, David Liebman, Paul Motian, Jean-Marie Machado, Jean-François Jenny Clark …

Composer, arranger, he worked for the theatre, the cinema and the music industry. His first great success is considered to be his public appearance in 1987, with “Tres horas de sol”, a musical and literary performance, “flamenco-jazz” that he presented in many parts of France and abroad for 3 years. His album “Nimeño”, recorded in septet with no other than Enrico Rava, was portrayed by the newspaper “Libération” as the best jazz album of 1991.

For a few years, he has created several musical theater plays together with the writer and actor Enzo Cormann for their company “La Grande Ritournelle” (“Mingus, Cuernavaca”, “Sud”, “Double Quartet”, “Face au toro”, “Da Capo”, “Diverses Blessures” and recently “Tribute to Jack Kerouac”, “Exit” or “Films noirs”).

Fond of encounters, he created the “Minotaure Jazz Orchestra”, a brass band that brilliantly combines the great themes of the Spanish popular music.

In 1997, he created the quartet “Chants du Monde” in which he revisits the traditional music of the world, particularly that of the South of France; an album recorded in 1998 pays homage to his deep attachment to his southern roots.

Since then, the different creations that he proposes often reflect his exaltation for cultural diversity: “Le Sud attaque” in 1999, “Dobrogea” in the Royaumont Foundation in 2000, “Encuentros” with the singer Esperanza Fernandez in 2002, “L’arrosoir et le mirliton” which focuses on the naughty songs of Nivernais, “Cantilènes” with Monica PAssos, Houria Aichi and Maja Pavlovska, or “Le dit de la chute” with Enzo Cormann and Jean Marie Machado.

In parallel, he pursues his singing career in two new performances, “My love songs”, “Sketches” with the singer Claudia Solal and the septet.
Since he moved in Toulouse in 2010, he is developing new projects, one of which is “Liqaa”, a subtle mix of Arab and Andalusian music combined with jazz as well as a duet with Philippe Léogé with whom he will record two albums. Along with Vicente Pradal, he created a matinee performance of traditional Spanish music “Inmediato”.

He also writes an adaptation of “Canciones” of F. G. Lorca for the Chamber Orchestra of Toulouse and the young “cantaora” Paloma Pradal. In the autumn of 2013, he created “Motian in Motion”, a quintet dedicated to Paul Motian’s music with which he recorded a new album released in the autumn of 2015 under the label “Naïve jazz”.


A young cantaora born in Toulouse, she studied flamenco dance at a very young age and learned flamenco songs under the double tutelage of her mother, the gypsy singer Mona Arenas, and her Spanish father, the musician Vicente Pradal. She developed her skills in theater arts as a choir member before becoming a soloist in the recital Vendra de noche. She also participated in the recording of El Diván del Tamarit and in the recital of her brother, the pianist Rafael Pradal. She was immersed in a high-quality musical environment right from the cradle.

Today, she excels as a soloist. Her rigorous technic and her unbelievable seasoned voice transport her audience in a unique emotional journey.

Alongside her flamenco training, Paloma regularly collaborates with artists from different musical genres: the French hip-hop band Al’Tarba, La Gale, and the jazz musician Jean-Marc Padovani.