Joachim Iannello

Joachim Iannello

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  • Joachim Iannello (violin)


Joachim Iannello, born in Liege on 5 August 1990, began playing violin at the age of 7 in the Academy of Chênée, where he obtained his diploma in Music and Chamber Music.

At the age of 15 he became interested in jazz and improvisation through Daniel Willem with whom he kept in touch subsequently. After finishing his secondary education, he went to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Liège under the tutelage of Izumi Okubo and Richard Pieta. He is currently mastering classical training with the latter.

Curious and open to all musical genres, he underwent other trainings such as Music 4 a While, 3J trio, Shantaram, Les Swing Barons, Daniel Willem Quintet, and Orchestre Vivo. He also replaced Jean-Pierre Catoul as violinist of One Shoot Big Band.