Mehmet Polat Trio


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his album was made possible in part by the huge effort of fellow musicians Dymphi Peeters (kora) and Sinan Arat (ney). I am grateful to them for their precious contributions during the preparation process. Sinan has supported this journey with his ney since the beginning of the Mehmet Polat Trio in the summer of 2013.

I met multi-instrumentalist Dymphi while she was playing n'goni and singing along with it at an Amsterdam jam session. Soon after she joined the Mehmet Polat Trio as a kora player, and with her broad musical experience she has added her color to the contemporary context of the mix.

This album for me is a musical release, it’s a way finding my voice and connecting to my roots. In Evening prayer and Mardin I sang two 'gazel' from my hometown of Urfa in Turkey.

Music for me is a connection from heart to heart. I invite you to open your heart to the music and let it come to you. - Mehmet Polat