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Line up

  • Melike Tarhan

Melike’s roots lie in the soil of the Turkish town Emirdag, but she grew up in Belgium. Turkish music was never far away though, and when she started developing her own musical style, she felt the need to understand her background music better. Chasing this goal she moved to Berlin for a while, and worked with experimental singer Claudia Herr. Back in Belgium she studied with singing teacher Mireille Capelle at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent. From these diverse influences her own sound has come to life, and so far it has been expressed on two cd’s: Melike - Macar, Longdistance, Harmonia Mundi and Tri A Tolia - Zumurrude,, both internationally well received. She has been on stage with - among others - Merdan Taplak, het Muziek Lod, Dirk Brossé. She can be heard in various film, music and theatre productions as well (such as Nic Balthazar’s new monologue Neeland).