Naragonia Quartet


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Mira is the third album of Naragonia Quartet. In this album, the quartet pursues its quest for musical jewels by staying in the same path, but at the same time searching for a profound and rhythmic beauty.

The Naragonia Quartet exists since 2006 and has since then been travelling across Europe. Maarten Decombel (Mandolinman, Snaarmaarwaar, Les Tisserands, Ialma…) is the guitarist and mandolist, Luc Pilartz (Panta Rhei, Trio Trad, Faran Flad…) the violinist, Pascale Rubens (Naragonia duo , Musaraigne) the diatonic accordionist and violinist, and Toon Van Mierlo (Naragonia duo, Hot Griselda, Novar…) the soprano saxophonist, diatonic accordionist and player of different types of bagpipes. This quartet of musicians will embark you on their musical journey bursting with energy.