"Electric Folk Ballroom" - O'Steam



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O’Steam offers astonishing Celtic style musical arrangements, by associating their electrified acoustic instruments with pedals that produces unconventional effects (disto, whammy, Mellotron simulator, delay, etc.), as Jimmy Hendrix or Jimmy Page might actually have done it if they had played the accordion or the violin.

After presenting their respective projects in the four corners of the globe (USA, India, Quebec, China, etc.), the accordionist Fabian Beghin (Didier Laloy & Fabian Beghin, Turlu Tursu, Chouval Brass, Les chèvres à pull...) and the violinist Damien Chierici (Dan San, My little cheap dictaphone, Yew...) are back on stage to play us this explosive Celtic groove repertoire. They are accompanied by a rock-oriented/progressive jazz rhythmic session, composed by Nicolas Dechêne (Univers Zero, Rêve d’éléphant, Karim Bagili Septet...) for the bass and by Ludo Legrand (Jeff Bodart, Blue Blot, Ntoumos, Aldo Granato...) for the drums.

The Celtic name “O’Steam” signifies “Grandchild of the steam”. Indeed, we are in the presence of a band of grandchildren of steam machines, forging the link between traditional music and cutting-edge technology! The sound of “Electric Folk Ballroom” will not fail to produce a sensation comparable to the one you would experience upon receiving an email from none other than Jules Verne.