Perrine Fifadji


The second opus of the singer Perrine Fifadji, “Une Goutte D’Eau” (A Drop of Water) explores the world. Her wandering words are borrowed from several languages and highlight our similarities rather than our differences.
“Une Goutte D’Eau” is a delightful journey that takes us to the confines of exquisite territories, a conversation that combines the vibrant language of the cello, the warm embrace of the voice, the gentle strokes of the guitar and the frantic clashes of the cymbals. Bursting, touching and enchanting.
Perrine thus engages an intimacy that resonates with the universal. Aware that we are all in the same boat, she reminds us of what makes us human.
“Une Goutte D’Eau” sails at the mercy of winds that carry the breath of Africa and of the West. These winds tell us about the origins and the contemporary world, they show the way of tomorrow.
“Une Goutte D’Eau”, diffuses trans-genre, trans-epoch emotions, inspired by a trans-sweet music.