The Ghent Folk Violin Project


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For some time the Ghent Folk Violin Project – under the direction of Wouter Vandenabeele – has been renowned for its original mix of Folk, Jazz, World- and Classical music. The warm resonance of Jasmijn Lootens’ cello was added to GFVP, beautifully complementing the swinging folk style of Naomi Vercauteren on violin and the harmonic support of Jeroen Knapen on guitar, with Wouter Vandenabeele fluently blending all these styles together. Shalan Alhamwy’s violin and Elias Bachoura’s Arabic lute add an enchanting Syrian touch to their already very diverse repertoire. Besides music from famous Arab composers such as Munir Bachir and Anouar Brahim and traditional Belgian and Greek tunes, they also bring compositions by Wouter and Elias to the stage. All of this is mixed with dazzling takseems and astounding improvisations showing the wide variety of styles these musicians have mastered.