"Accordion ' n Drum 'n Bass" - Turlu Tursu

Turlu Tursu


The band's repertoire embraces the standards of traditional European music (Balkans, Celtic music) as well as less known musical forms (Indian ragas, Arab maqams, music of the Caribbean.). The accordion (instrument originally made in Germany) actually travelled with the sailors all over the Colonies. That's how it came into the hands of the Zulus, Colombians, Arab people, and was well integrated in many other cultures less known to the general audience.
The original style of Turlu Tursu, a great diversity, though made coherent thanks to the central use of accordion, allowed the band to be invited in very diverse musical meetings: world music festivals (Sfinks Root Rally.), jazz festivals (Gaume Jazz Festival.), street theatre festivals (Chassepierre.), and festivals for children (Enfanfare), accordion festival (Tournai Accordion Festival), etc..