Vincent Noiret

Vincent Noiret

Line up

  • Vincent Noiret (double bass, voice, chitarra battente)


Trained in Jazz at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, it is then in the field of traditional music and “World music” that he distinguishes himself the most with, among others, Didier Laloy, Luc Pilartz, Jowan Merckx, Ghalia Benali ...

In 1999, together with the accordionist Tuur Florizoone and saxophonist Philippe Laloy, he founded the group Tricycle, which has been out on the jazz and folk scenes in Belgium and abroad.

In 2006, he recorded with the group AmorromA the CD "Balance", for which he makes a DVD dedicated to traditional dances of our regions.
In 2010, he recorded the first album under his own name, entitled "Facing the Ghost." It is co-produced by the RTBF (Didier Mélon - Le monde est un village).

He continues to multiply more personal creations by getting involved in the project
Nisia, a duet with the Sicilian singer and percussionist Emanuela Lodato.