"Violons de Bruxelles" - Violons de Bruxelles

Violons de Bruxelles


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All around the world, the music of Django Reinhardt is celebrated, copied, immortalised and revived. Sometimes betrayed even. The most usual way to form an orchestra is to imitate the set-up of the legendary Hot Club de France Quintet, that is a violin, a solo guitar, one or two rhythm guitars, and a double bass. Les Violons De Bruxelles re-imagine this almost sacred formula. The double bass stays, but for the rest the traditional set-up is turned around: just one guitar and...three violins. The presence of these violins tints their interplay with polyphonic colours, but also supplies the soloist with subtle and uplifting comping, harmonically as well as rhythmically. Furthermore, the contrasting personalities of the three violinists allow a multitude of styles, emotions and swing to flourish. A fresh and original take on the string orchestra!