"Products of Love" - Wolves



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Wolves is a fusion between an American heritage and a hint of Scandinavian influence in songwriting; a universe which brings to mind Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Agnès Obel, Randy Newman or Thomas Dybdhal.

Wolves - composed of Véronique, the “folk lead vocalist”, highlighted by Grazyna’s contrasting second voice, and an enchanting piano, all at the same time sober, graceful, subdued - infuse in each song, in each of these “products of love”, glimpses of experiences, moments, traces of lives of women as well as intimate and universal tributes.

A debut album containing 14 tracks whose lyrics were written by the 2 artists and wherein the piano with subtle touches of rock and the compositions of Grazyna become the musical backbone of Products of Love. For the recording of the album, Wolves found refuge in the Belgian label homerecords.be. Guided by Floon (Michel Van Achter and Erno le Mentholé) for the production, they surrounded themselves with the jazz drummer Stephan Pougin (Steve Houben, Pirly Zustrassen, Jacques Pirotton,…) and the guitarist and bassist Emmanuel Delcourt (Roscoe, My Little Cheap Dictaphone, Blanche, …).

If Love in all its forms, whether positive or negative, is the common thread of the themes of the English lyrics of the album, one can also unearth homage to Jeff Buckley (Wolf’s River) and some echoes to current themes (Slow City, Woman).

Products of Love is a debut album which impresses through its harmonies (vocal and musical), the variety of textures and a genuine emotion transmitted both by the voices and the richness of the musical arrangements.

Timeless, genuine… Wolves touches one’s deepest core. A music that will bring you over the moon…!