Prince Moussa Cissokho (Senegal)

Prince Moussa Cissokho (Senegal)
Prince Moussa Cissokho
Prince Moussa Cissokho & Lolo
  • country:Senegal
  • region:Dakar
  • style(s):World, Manding
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Duo, Trio, Quintet
  • gender:male
  • artist posted by:hope88 productions

Line up

  • Florian Reichle (Drums)
  • Oliver Rast (Gitarre)
  • Prince Moussa Cissokho (Kora, Lead Vocals, Percussion, Dance)
  • Sankoum Cissokho (Kora, Vocals, Percussion)
  • Tonee Schiavano (Bass)


Moussa Cissokho was born in Dakar (Senegal) in 1983 into a family of musicians. As the son of Bacary Cissokho and the grandson of the "King of Kora", Soundioulou Cissokho, he grew up in the tradition of the Griots. Even in our medialized, globalized world, the Griots maintain their tasks and tell stories, teach, admonish and praise. And sometimes they just let their koras sing. His grandfather made a significant contribution to popularizing the Kora instrument in Europe. Having grown up in the village, he is of course familiar with the rituals and sounds of tradition. Moussa grew up in the community of Mandinka culture, where knowledge is imparted through oral tradition, stories, songs and proverbs. Of course, every child grows up in the village tradition. Today Moussa plays in different ensembles, formations and styles, like JMO (Jan-Galega Brönnimann, Moussa Cissokho, Omri Hason). With his two brothers who live in Switzerland, he also plays in a trio with various instruments apart of the kora.