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Horisont is a self-governing Foundation established in 2001, whose strategies aim at achieving a greater participation by minorities in Norwegian...

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Horisont is a self-governing Foundation established in 2001, whose strategies aim at achieving a greater participation by minorities in Norwegian cultural life – both as performers, producers, administrators and not the least as a participating audience in everyday cultural life. Horsiont is funded by, but independent of government and of any political interests.

Horisont explore new methods of artistic and cultural exchange between Norway and the countries where the ethnic minorities in Norway come from. We work to enhance the participation of minorities in the mainstream Norwegian cultural life., operating as catalyst for the improvement and development of both visual and performing arts through fostering cultural exchange and help to develop artistic creativity and talents. The presentation of diverse art expressions in venues such as the Mela festival is being used to create common grounds where the majority and the minority may meet on equal terms.

Horisont organise the largest outdoor festival "Mela "in Oslo, Norway since 2001.

The Mela brings a very different festival to Norway, visualising diversity between cultures sustaing dialogue between cultures by promoting artistic exchanges.

Mela has become one of the premier showcases for new music, and otherwise –Some of the world's most exciting artists, have made the short hop from Asia, Europe, Africa or America to share the stages with Norways finest talents.

Regarding cultural exchanges between Norway & other countries They cover all areas of artistic creation, as witnessed by the success of the Mela festival, over many years. It is also an opportunity for artisans to showcase their talents and creativity. Oslo Mela has always initiated new forms of co-operation between Norwegian and non-Norwegian artists. Artistic co-operation is their leading idea; central to the success and progress of the event.

The following are among the main objectives of Horisont Foundation is

- to increase opportunities for cultural and artistic expression for people of all backgrounds

To raise awareness about the ever-increasing cultural diversity;

- to stimulate dialogue with the new minorities’ art and culture which is becoming a part of mainstream life;

- to develop new methods and skills to enhance the post-colonial exchange of art and cultures between North and South and to present it by innovative means which are challenging prejudices; and

- to challenge traditional art institutions in order to make them more inclusive of the minorities’ arts.



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