Sanjay Divecha and Secret

Sanjay Divecha and Secret
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  • country:India
  • region:Indian Subcontinent
  • style(s):Contemporary, World Jazz
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble
  • artist posted by:Horus Music Limited

Line up

  • Chandana Bala (Vocals)
  • Raman Mahadevan (Vocals)
  • Sanjay Divecha (Guitars, Composition, Arrangement)
  • Sanket Naik (Percussion)
  • Sonu Sangameswaran (Bass)


Sanjay Divecha explores Indo – Centric folk traditions; Hindustani and Carnatic forms with the music of Brazil, Africa and the Americas - all in his signature acoustic sensibilities. With his new band consisting of experienced and tasteful performers, Sanjay Divecha and Secret are presenting a truly one of a kind set that is firmly placed in Indian musical grounds but swings to a groove that’s derived from some choicest music from around the world.

Sanjay Divecha and Secret consists of the unique talents of:

Sanjay Divecha – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Arrangements
Chandana Bala – Vocals
Raman Mahadevan – Vocals
Sonu Sangameswaran – Bass
Sanket Naik – Percussion

In August 2016 the band pleased their self titled debut album.
For music lovers, critics and aficionados, Sanjay Divecha is one of the finest guitar players and composers India has known. His artistry has garnered international acclaim and his music is a perfect balance of technical virtuosity and ‘straight from the heart’ expressiveness.

Sanjay Divecha & Secret bursts with joy and exuberance. The album was born out of introspection, and is an insight into intricate musical ideas that pay homage to sincerity, tradition and the future. 

With soulful harmonies, positive rhythms, a strong focus on melody and dynamic collective improvisation, this is an album that spreads a meaningful message of life, love and of course, music itself.