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The Company of Humanophones was born in 2013 with the propose to facilitate human and artistic encounters around the music and body expression. An imperious desire to return to the essentials: the body, the voice...

The Humanophones refers to themselves as “anatomical concert performers. Therefore, there’s a transversality of disciplines in their work. Always navigating between de dance, the physical theater and their bodies used as music instruments.
Today, through their original music, they invite and challenge their audience to appreciate the possibilities of the human body and consider its strength and sensitivity. Whilst they explore the different levels of the social interaction, bringing out situations in a poetic way through humorous characters.

The company has created and produced its first show “Corpus” in 2014 which has been played more than 120 times internationally. They released their first album in 2017 under the label “Socadisc” which won the prize SACEM from self-production in 2016.
“Corpus” brings together five artists with a strong expressiveness and of a remarkable complicity, giving a space for the public to question the distance that contemporary man creates with his own body.

This first show has brought to the company the recognition from body music artists around the globe (Stomp, Keith Terry, founder of the International Body Music Festival in Oakland, Barbatuques, etc.). 2019 is the year when their show “I want you Bach” comes out, as a special piece for the Festival Passe ton Bach d’abord, through which they explore the body music possibilities around the universe of Bach’s music.
The group is currently working on two new shows: “Antropus” and “The Hedgehog's Dilemma”.

However, is the project of The Human Orchestra that regularly brings together all the Humanophones in one orchestral dimension for the main propose of recording video clips with special arrangements.

Humanophones have already have played at: Paleo Festival (CH 2016), International Acappella Woche (DE) 2016 & 2023, Festival Voicemania (AT) 2015 & 2017, International Body Music Festival (FR - IT), Pumpwerk Festival, Rudolstadt roots& flok Festival (DE), CAPE-centre des arts pluriels Ettelbruck (LU) 2018, Jazzhaus Freiburg (DE) 2018, Vaasa Choir Festival (FI) 2019.

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  • WOMEX 2023


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