I Underlandet / Svalka

I Underlandet play experimental folk music with a film-like quality. A duo highly praised for their originality. Svalka is a label and booking agent.

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I Underlandet play newly written experimental folk music. With a base in traditional Swedish music they create compositions that have a film-like quality. The duo has been highly praised by reviewers for the precision with which they play together and the originality of their music. Their second record, Drömflygare, will be released in October 2015. Welcome to our Wonderland!

Svalka is an independent record company. Artists on the label are I Underlandet, Indiefolktrion and Moulded. The music is nordic folk music, jazz, electronic, art music or a fusion of any of these. Svalka is also a production company providing booking and promotion for it's artists.

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  • WOMEX 2015


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