Sounds from Spain at WOMEX

Sounds from Spain at WOMEX
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Sounds from Spain is a public-private initiative,
driven by the public administration (ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones) to support the promotion of the Spanish music industry around the world. Sounds from Spain has taken part in WOMEX since 2008.

At WOMEX 2023, Sounds from Spain booth will be located at POPA HALL - Stands 2-7 + 34-39.

We support the showcases of :

Karmento: WOMEX opening at Palacio de la Ópera
Niño Josele: WOMEX opening at Palacio de la Ópera
Valeria Castro: Atlantic Connections Stage-Teatro Rosalía de Castro on Thursday, Oct. 26 9pm

Twenty companies managing a wide range of music genres and activities are part of the 2023 Sounds from Spain: Ace Músic · Aguaespejo · Alejandro Galán · Altafonte · Amy Producciones · Arpa Flamenca · Blanco y Negro Music · El Tragaluz · Escenamusic · Espacio C · Flamenco Agency · Ace Música · Hermanos Thioune · Kamala Producciones · Madame Vodevil · Mapamundi Música · Pelayo Producciones · Playplan · Producciones Submarinas · Sierra Contratación Artística and The One Step Beyond.

Join us for a glass of Spanish Wine on our booth on Thursday Oct. 26 at 1pm.

More info about showcasing artists and companies by clicking this link:

article posted by:Isabel Aranda, ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones