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In 2011, we are 15 Austrian Companies - a huge variety of great festivals and promoters - from Jazz to Balkan, Oriental and Women festivals, a lot of fantastic artists presented by well introduced agencies and of course institutions and medias.

And more great news: the Austrian artist roster grows quickly - so we decided to create an overview of outstanding Austrian World Music Artists and publish a folder. Our musical repertoire includes Nu Austrian Volxmusic, Austrian Global grooves and Yodelling-Fusions, excellent Balkan projects from Jazz to World, Russian Polka, Brazilian Bastardsound and Caribbean global groove, urban Diaspora mixes, African Music between tradition and fusions, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and jazz…

You will find an index at our booth - and can check all our artists already now on our youtube channel. By the way - you will have the opportunity to meet the jazz guitarist Alp Bora, Aron Saltiel one of the world's experts on Sephardic music, the extraordinary female singer-songwriter Coshiva, the outstanding accordeonist Stefan Sterzinger, and Simon Zöchbauer & Ayac Jimenez of the great folk music ensemble Federspiel - at our booth (K.01-04, L.17-20).

Not to forget: you can get in touch with Austrian Media representatives - Austria's world music radio on the web is open for your interest!
We scheduled a special event, together with our neighbors from Slovenia and Switzerland, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy networking:

SPECIAL EVENT - Wine & Dine! Meet Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland!
thursday 27.10.11 // 4:00 P.M.

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Emil Lubej
Ian Smith
Silvia Jura aka Santangelo

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