Austrian booth at Womex 15) in Budapest

Austrian World Music Association

Austria is the home base of extraordinary artists from all over the world – IG World Music is proud to present you the most interesting ones. Some are working within their traditions, presenting the rich culture of their former home countries. Others dedicate their talent to an ethno-branded jazz, featuring instrumental or vocal virtuosity… Migration is the key to a new world fusion, a melting pot of cultures… global grooves – vibrant urban music at it’s best! Experimenting with ethnic sound patterns and contemporary music opens new horizonts… And last but not least - Austrian based World DJ’s…

You will find more information at the Austrian booth no. 1.131 - 1.134 and 1.143 - 1.146 at Womex 15) in Budapest.

article posted by:MA Silvia Jura Santangelo, IG World Music Austria