Austrian Showcases @ Womex 15)

credit: Maria Frodl

From Austria, three ensembles will take the stage in Budapest: Accordion virtuoso and sonic explorer Klaus Paier will perform as a duo with cellist Asja Valcic, the young group Federspiel will spark off their sassy brass music mix and Martin Lubenov will make an appearance with his Balkan-jazz trio Jazzta Prasta.

KLAUS PAIER & ASJA VALCIC: Stage Bálna | Thu, 16:45
FEDERSPIEL: Club Duna – Palace of Arts | Thu, 22:30

KLAUS PAIER & ASJA VALCIC Stage Bálna | Thu, 16:45
The fruitful and critically acclaimed collaboration of the duo Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic already culminated in their third CD: The current album „Timeless Suite“ (ACT Music) has been nominated for the „Prize of the German Record Critics“. The Austrian accordion and bandoneon player Klaus Paier is a virtuoso of international standing. With his roots in jazz, he continuously expands the range of musical possibilities on his instrument. No less varied or versatile at his side: native Croatian cellist Asja Valcic. Together they share many years of collaboration as a sparkling alliance. Intense, timeless, and hauntingly beautiful.

FEDERSPIEL Club Duna – Palace of Arts | Thu, 22:30
Alpine wind music liberated from old customs – the thoroughbred musicians of the seven-membered ensemble Federspiel present a rousing mixture. Owed to their youth and at the same time their virtuosic skills, the ensemble members approach local folk music with a healthy dose of cheeky charm. No matter if polkas, waltzes, marches or Csárdás – with a certain fearlessness, lots of humor, spontaneity and great love for improvisation, Federspiel dives and pushes forward in traditional music from Austria and its neighboring countries.

Martin Lubenov, orginally from Bulgaria, is one of the most idiosyncratic accordionists of our time. His trio Martin Lubenov’s Jazzta Prasta stands for virtuosity, playfulness, lightness and flamboyance. Under the self-deprecating name – „Jasta prasta“ is Bulgarian for confusion – the lively Balkan jazz trio around the accordion dervish Lubenov creates a breathtaking kaleidoscope of various styles.

article posted by:Katrin Pröll, IG World Music Austria