Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona (Italy)

Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona (Italy)

Line up

  • Barbara Eramo  (vocals)
  • Gabriele Coen  (sax, clarinet & flute)
  • Giovanni Lo Cascio  (drums, percussion)
  • Mario Rivera (acoustic bass, ipad)
  • Stefano Saletti  (bouzouki-oud-acoustic guitar-voice)


Multi-instrumentalist Stefano Saletti leads all-star line-up on a time-travelling voyage around the Mediterranean with compositions sung in Sabir, a sea-faring lingua franca availing of terms from Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic.

Their last cd Mediterraneo ostinato, after having conquered the 2nd place of the World Music Charts Europe in the international ranking drawn up by the journalists of the EBU circuit, entered in the ranking of the Transglobal Music Chart, was placed eleventh among the 20 best world music records in the world released in 2021.
The recording work of Saletti & Banda Ikona has thus become a sort of manifesto of a new possible Mediterranean identity and soul in the name of a past made up of art, culture, open ports, encounters, exchanges which, like a large network, have intertwined creating new shared paths and stories.
Sung in Sabir, the ancient Mediterranean language that Saletti brought back to life from the oblivion of history to revive it, the disc includes his original compositions that also draw on the great heritage of Mediterranean literature from Calvino to Pasolini to Alda Merini from Matvejevic to Machado and Kavafis from Cecco Angiolieri to Rilke to the Kurdish poet Abdulla Goran.
Created by Stefano Saletti, Banda Ikona is one of the most representative Italian groups of international world music with more than 15 years of touring around the world and five albums: Stari Most (CNI), Marea cu sarea, Folkpolitik, Soundcity : sounds from the frontier cities and Mediterranean Ostinato (all published by Finisterre), always present in the first places of the world rankings of world music.

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Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona (Italy)