"Soundcity" - Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona

Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona
Soundcity - Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona


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  • artist:Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona
  • featured artist:Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona
  • region:Lazio
  • release year:2016
  • style(s):Mediterranean
  • country:Italy
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Ikona Concerti
  • label:Finisterre
  • publisher:Finisterre
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In his last cd "Soundcity: sounds from border towns"(published by Finisterre and distributed by Felmay) Stefano Saletti started from the recordings that, in the past few years, he had made around the Mediterranean in many border cities: Lampedusa, Istanbul, Tangier, Lisbon, Jaffa, Sarajevo, Ventotene... Sounds, noises, radios, voices, sound spaces, buskers have all inspired his melodies, lyrics and rhythms.
In June 2016 “Soundcity” has reached the top ten of World Music Charts Europe (4th) and remained on the charts for three months and in May 2016 the top ten of the Transglobal World Music Charts.
Soundcity is sung in Sabir, a lingua franca used by sailors, pirates, fishermen, merchants and ship-owners in Mediterranean ports to communicate with one another.