"From the Depths of the Earth" - Ilkka Arola

Ilkka Arola
Ilkka Arola - From the Depths of the Earth


Song from Ilkka Arola's debut album "From the Depths of the Earth" released in 2017
  • 1 Qalandia
  • 2 Shower of Rain
  • 3 Nahiri (crashed)
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“From the Depths of the Earth” is the debut album of Finnish trumpet player Ilkka Arola. The album was released in 2017. Arola believes in meaningful melodies, strong rhythms, interesting soundscapes and the power of live music. Although his background is in jazz music, this album was highly influenced by his intensive travels in Middle-East, Africa and Asia. Especially Arabic music has had a huge impact on Arola's expression, and he even plays a special Quartertone trumpet which allows him to play microtones needed in Arabic maqams. The album features seven original songs composed by Arola. It was recorded in Finland Studio in Aarhus (Denmark) in 2016. It is distributed by Texicalli Digital Distribution (Finland).

The band on the album:

Ilkka Arola – trumpet, flugelhorn, riq
Nis Hellerøe Myrtue – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Mikas Bøgh Olesen – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dundun
Adrian Christensen – double bass
Jakob De Place – drums, percussion
Kristoffer Thorup Jeberg – percussion


+ Maher Mahmoud – oud
+Jenni Hanikka – African fula flute
+Rasmus Fisker Pedersen – electronics
+Ninna Morsing – percussion, clockenspiel