Creole Cousins - A portrait of Lindigo in Brazil

IMZ World Music Film Screenings

Original Title: Croisées Métisses

Genre Documentary | Production Company Helico (France) | Co-Production Company Crunk (France) | Producer Valentin Langlois | Executive Producer Laurent Benhamou | TV Director Laurent Benhamou | Editor Jean-Marie Roignant | Author Valentin Langlois | Source video/audio HD/Stereo | Recorded Brazil, 2011 | Duration 52'

Upon a first tour of Lindigo group in the North of Brazil, this movie documents the encounter of the black identity from La Reunion with the African rooted culture in Brazil. From Santo Amaro to Recife through Salvador da Bahia, the movie reveals the extremely strong link connecting the black Reunion with the black Brazil. Despite geographical distance, the inheritance of slavery and African ancestors stay a common history. A revelation for Lindigo, finding strong connections to their ancestors so far away from their origins, a revelation for the Brazilians (re)discovering their own musical roots through music instruments and even the ancestor of Capoeira, the Moringue still performed by Lindigo.