Embracing Voices

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Genre Documentary | Production Company Eyesfull (Canada) | Producer, TV Director, Camera Elisa Paloschi | Editor Roland Schlimme, Asals Katharine, Elisa Paloschi | Source video/audio HD/Stereo | Recorded Canada, 2012 | Duration 70'

Multiple Juno award winner, Grammy nominee, recipient of the Order of Canada, Jazz luminary Jane Bunnett, came back from the brink after facing depression, and the fear that she would never be able to make music again. The film follows Jane’s personal and musical journey from Ontario to Cuba and then to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Banff, as she produces her most ambitious CD to date. Yet, the final Juno winning recording is more than just a jazz album. It is a re-evaluation and reflection on herlife and a tribute to the people that enable her to reconnect with her music. This is the story of a musician who contemplates her relationships, her career, and growing old, both as an artist and as a woman, while asking the universal question, what does it all mean.