Global Local - Forays into a new music scene in Cologne

IMZ World Music Film Screenings

WDR Television

Genre Documentary | Production Company WDR (Germany) | Producer Lothar Mattner | TV Director Martina Pfaff | Camera Juergen Behrens | Editor Baerbel Kierdorf | Author Martina Pfaff | Source video/audio DigiBeta/Stereo | Recorded Cologne, 2011 | Duration 58' 24"

Quite unexpectedly, a very varied music scene flourishes hidden under the surface, away from established cultural institutions. It combines the musical traditions of its players with current global music trends into a lively mix. This is developed, rehearsed and performed in often improvised spaces, in niches, sometimes hidden away. So the bands’ rehearsal rooms, cellars, car parks and other strange underground places also provide the sets for Martina Pfaff’s film. The groups’ styles range from South American hip hop to Persian song and from Balalaika-electrobeats to ragas from Afghanistan.