I heard god crying

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Elpida Skoufalou

Genre Documentary | Production Company Elpida Skoufalou (Greece) | Producer, TV Director, Camera, Author Elpida Skoufalou |Anthropologist Consultant Miranda Terzopoulou | Editor Rousselos Aravantinos | Composer Giannis Aggelakas | Source video/audio DV/Stereo, Dcp | Recorded Greece, 2012 | Duration 85' 32"

The film follows the fire-walkers in Greece, the Shi’a Pakistanis during Arbaeen and Ashura in Syria and mourners in Albania. Those groups, may differ in their ceremonies, history and culture, but they are related by the escape from everyday life, the transgression of limits, the affliction of ecstasy. They commune with death itself. They attain higher levels of awareness, suffering, pleasure and pain, as they offer themselves to a superior, divine entity. Filming period 2000 - 2011.