IMZ World Music Film Screenings

Methexis © Christos Capriniotis


Tech&Tact audiovisual productions

Genre Documentary | Production Company Tech&Tact audiovisual productions (Greece) | Executive Producer Antonios Voutsas | TV Director, Editor George Botsos | Camera Christos Capriniotis | Source video/audio DVCPRO/Stereo | Recorded Year 2005 | Duration 53' 40"

There are three people with quite different lives. One of them is a regionally priest from Ipiros, the other one is a stonemason from Mitilini island and the last one teaches in public schools of Thessaloniki. All of them are involved in an amateur level, with music. Their thoughts and their feelings intersect the one with the other, some times converging and others separating totally. Through the differences between them we can sense a very common thing to all of them. That is their special need to express themselves artistically, the need of being and communicating through notes, chords and traditional sounds.