The Fellowship of the Drums

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The Fellowship of the Drums © Natalie Haarhoff


The Washing Line

Genre Documentary | Production Company The Washing Line (Switzerland) | Producer, TV Director, Author Martin Fuchs | Camera Natalie Haarhoff, Martin Fuchs | Editor Martin Fuchs, Daniel Wyss | Source video/audio DigiBeta/Mono | Recorded South Africa, Mozambique, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, 2011 | Duration 57' 17"

Four renowned drummers are brought together in South Africa to form the African-Swiss drum quartet "Beat Bag Bohemia". Together they are on a quest to take drumming in a new direction. On their adventurous trip through Africa and Europe the band grows into a brotherhood of percussion. Their enemy is conformity, their goal is novelty. Despite their willingness to defy mainstream expectations they wow the audience and touch the people with their passionate music. As the journey progresses the fellowship is tested by different cultural views. In the end, despite their differences, they remain bonded by their fabulous music.