United States of Africa

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United States of Africa © Yanick Letourneau


Peripheria Productions Inc.

Genre Documentary | Production Company Peripheria Productions Inc. (Canada) | Co-Production Company National Film Board of Canada (Canada) | Producer Yanick Letourneau, Colette Loumede | Associated Producer John Christou, Neil Brandt, Hany Ouichou | TV Director Yanick Letourneau | Camera Geoffroy Beauchemin, Alex Margineanu | Editor Sophie Farkas Bollas | Author Yanick Letourneau, Sebastien Tetrault | Source video/audio HD/Dolby surround 5.1 | Recorded Senegal, Burkina Faso, France, USA, South Africa, 2011 | Duration 75'

United States of Africa follows African hip-hop pioneer Didier Awadi as he crafts an album paying tribute to the leaders of Black Consciousness. His musical journey takes him to some forty countries and leads him into a profound meditation on the power of music and the need for political change. The film is a hopeful and compelling portrait of a continent where a politically aware generation is refusing to accept the role of a victim. United States of Africa is a call for Africans to rise up and stand for the control of their continent and their destiny.