Cankisou goes up in the European chart

CD Faÿt

In September Czech band Cankisou, which mixes influences from all around the world, released its fifth CD Faÿt by Indies Scope. In November the CD was No. 17 in the World music charts Europe and now, in December, it is even No. 10. In the top 200 WMCE in 2011 as a whole Faÿt is No. 98 out of 899 moninated CD´s.

Cankisou has been performing for more than 10 years. During that time the band has made audience in 14 countries around the globe dance. The band plays an original ethnic fusion full of wild rhythms spiced with rock roots based on a legend of one legged Canki nation. The fifth CD Faÿt is more influenced with rock roots of all the musician but again is full of wild energy.

For the previous CD Lé la the band was nominated for Czech version of Grammy called Andel 2008 in world music category. In 2010 Cankisou performed at world music stage at Sziget 2010 festival as the only band from the Czech republic.

„…The band doesn´t rely only on verbal message but communicate mainly through sound and energy. Thanks to that it´s easy to cross language barriers as you can see from a participation in foreign festivals in Pakistan or on Réunion island…“
Petr Doruzka, Rock a pop, 10/2011

„ … after listening to the Faÿt CD I think it´s very clear. Unexpectedly enourmous drive, nearly concert energy even in the studio and for sure pile instruments arranged in a great way…
…Cankisou are so interesting mainly because of fresh arrangement of typical motives from various cultures which are then transformed it in their own way…“
Music:pioneer,, 21.10.2011

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article posted by:Hanka Podhorska, Indies Production