"A Tribute to Oldrich Janota" - Various Artists

Various Artists


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  • artist:Various Artists
  • featured artist:Jablkon, Tara Fuki, Maraca, Traband, etc.
  • region:Eastern Europe
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Folk
  • country:Czech Republic
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Indies Production
  • label:Indies Production
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Oldrich Janota is a big icon of Czech folk scene and many artists, in cooperation with Indies Scopes, have decided to pay honors to his anniversary by recording a special compilation called “Lost in the World – A Tribute To Oldrich Janota “. The songs by a “Man who walks through the wall” (in 2000 awarded with the critics‘ choice award called Yellow Submarine for life long contribution) were recorded by: Jablkon, Traband, Tara Fuki, Fru Fru, Maraca, Cankisou, Jana Vebrová, Zambosi, Kvety, Jarret and many others.

Tomas S. Polívka says in the album’s sleevenote: “You won’t find such twinkling, colorful, dreamy and timeless music as Oldřich Janota’s songs. Those were classified as folk, minimalist, experimental rock and even alternative, nevertheless they remained, regardless of the genre or format, a feeling, a mood, a notion, a picture, a shiver. May be that’s why many different artists could interpret them in their own way and they remained the same...“

There are seventeen songs on this album. It opens with Jablkoň and their title song of the whole compilation. Michal Němec explains why he chose exactly this song: “Lost in the World is a typical Janota song…and I really like his songs.” The feeling of this song kind of determines the first half of the album which portraits more tranquil songs of Oldřich Janota. The second half shows us more rock side of the songs and the final part of the compilation is done by Tomáš Kočko who recorded the Seven Ravens in pure “Janota way” which means using only his voice and the guitar.

“... Janota is singing ´even the way could be the purpose´ in one of his most famous songs. We can consider the tribute album being a wave goodbye of soul mates to a pilgrim. Let’s wish Oldřich Janota to keep enjoying the searching. And we are looking forward to other found songs, other touches of infinity and humbleness, just like the verses of Zen poets. “

Oldřich Janota BIO:

Poet, musician, translator, journalist and, in totalitarian regime, night watchman or stoker Oldřich Janota (born 27th of August 1949 in Pilsner) wrote his first songs in the late 60-s. He was performing as a solo artist at first then as a member of folk-rock band Pentagram. He was definitely over the folk phase in 1979 when he put together the still cult band Mozart K. In first half of the 80-s Janota became, sort of by accident, one of the most popular folk singer but the fame and noise wasn’t exactly what he originally had planned. He rather left the song format and he started, with the trio including Luboš Fidler and Pavel Richter, to create novelty experiments with prerecorded tapes. Then he kind of gave himself time to think. In the end of the 80-s and beginning of the 90-s he went back to acoustic instruments and together with Irena and Vojtěch Havel he was breaking into modern “classical” music. For past few years he has been closing the circle and playing solo with his guitar.