After a very successful album Družina (Entourage) from 2004 (11th place in World Music Charts Europe), the new CD entitled Tragare is again based on contemporary adaptations of folklore music from all regions of Slovakia. Instruments ranging from drums to guitars, bass, violin, shepherd long pipes, pipes and various percussions sound in the new album. The group does not avoid experiments when arranging folklore music, which are not, however, at the expense of intelligibility and tradition. As the bandmaster Aty Béreš says: we do not want to make big art and record something that we would not be able to play live at concerts; we make music for people. A big asset is the participation of the producer, singer and percussionist Vinx, who co-operated with Sting, UB 40 and Stevie Wonder, among others. You will definitely find what you expect of the Družina group, that is pleasant and well arranged Slovak folklore music.


"TRAGARE" - Druzina