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During more than fifty years of its existence, Hradišťan has undergone through various phases of development. An originally folklore band transformed into an ensemble which is capable of containing a wide range of music from folklore to spiritual, ethnic, theater, folk and classical music. The new concert album of “our oldest cimbalom music” is a selection of the best compositions from the repertoire of Hradišťan in 2005. The recording captures the current repertoire of the band, and some songs are published for the first time on a CD. These are for instance merry folklore songs “O ženách” (On Women), songs to the lyrics of Milan Rúfus “Ovečky spí” (Sheep are Asleep) and “Letní ráno” (Summer Morning), and also a song composed to the poem of Jan Skácel “Kamínek na dlani” (Rock in Hand), which commemorates a long-term member of Hradišťan, Luboš Svatoš, who unfortunately left this world a year ago. Of course hits like “Modlitba za vodu” (Prayer for Water) or “Krátký popis léta” (Short Description of Summer) and many others are not missing. The album Live contains 25 compositions altogether.

Two concerts were recorded in Němčice in late November 2005, and in Ivančice in early December 2005. The album demonstrates what has been known of Hradišťan for years. That it is capable of creating a pleasant and cordial atmosphere in any ambience, be it well-known large concert venues or small auditoriums. The hour-long recording will put you in a good mood and will harmonize your being not only in the musical sense but thanks to the lyrics also in the philosophical sense.