The group KOA is well-known to fans of quality Czech music thanks to the legendary singer and composer Zuzana Navarová. Beginnings of the multicultural group Koa date back to 1998, when Zuzana Navarová together with Iván Gutiérrez extended the existing duo by the bass player František Raba, percussionist and drummer Camilo Caller and accordion player Mário Bihári. After Gutiérrez left in 2000, the sound of the group was enriched by the guitar player Omar Khaouaj, and Koa started its new path of intermingling and connecting many cultural influences and genres. Four albums that the group made under the guidance of Zuzana Navarová won favor not only with experts, but also with general public, and soon after its foundation it entered the elite of Czech music. Even now they still are among the best musical production of the 1990’s. In 2004, Zuzana Navarová dies after a long struggle with illness. After some time, the group decided to continue and make a CD with new material.