Gabriela Vermelho
Petr Filak
Maraca 2006
Amit Chatterjee


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Line up

  • Gabriela Vermelho (lead vocal, violin)
  • Petr Filak (guitar)


The band appeared in Zlin in 2002. It is interested in world music, scenic and film music. The first CD (Maraca - 2002) is recorder in Lykian language and it focuses on music interpreted acoustically. The variety of instruments (vocals, violin, viola, oud, guitars, didgeridoo, English horn, sampler, drums, bass guitar) covers the whole musical spectrum. The second CD (Longe 2003) is a musicalization of poetry of Ferdinand Pessoa, an important Portuguese poet. The CD is a colorful collage where each song represents a different music world influenced by the beautiful poetry.

Maraca, world music and alternative group mixing jazz,rock and electronic music, with folk roots all over the world. Czech Grammy nominated for their second album Longe with mystic portuguese lyrics by Fernando Pessoa.
The singer Gabriela Vermelho wone the Radok's award as the most talented artist in Czech republic of 2005.
Maraca is colaborating with indian guitar, sitar player and singer Amit Chatterjee ( Joe Zawinul Syndicate) and just releasing a new album "The body is too slow for me"