Posmrtne zkusenoti - The A.D.E.


Posmrtné zku¹enosti (the After Death Experience) have been playing already over 10 years and already released two albums, IGOU (2004, author published) and Babylon (1997, Monitor/EMI). Some personal changes took place in the group and so it is interesting to find out how much the sound of the group changed. "The female and male polyphony remains. The melodiousness remains too”, says the leader of the group Miloslav Koèí. “In addition to that there are samples, dance loops and also much more “natural” meditation passages. The tone of keyboard is even more accentuated; much more often you may hear piano, traps and native instruments. I have a feeling that this album, for example in comparison with our first album Babylon, is more a story telling album, but at the same time you may also find pieces on Aither that can be played on radio.”