Yellow Sisters
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Yellow Sisters
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….four voices, four hearts, four ways to capture melody, rhythm, mood and to create music. The Yellow Sisters are sound illusionists and Singalana can be a star on the night sky….

The women’s vocal group Yellow Sisters and their singing wander with ease through the genres of soul, funky, r’n’b, world music, jazz and reggae. Singalana is the first album of the Yellow Sisters, which captures genre and inventive diversity a cappella of the band and it lets us have a look at one day seen through the eyes of four women. It begins with sunrise and flowering of a dream blossom of Singalana, through ordinary and exceptional experiences told in poems and songs, to the night entertainment and rest.
"For the duration of the band we could see that our music addressed a wide range of listeners and we get positive responses from people, from whom we wouldn't have expected them. However, it seems that our music appeals mainly to the woman's soul, maybe because our singing comes from the soul." (Bára Vaculíková)

Singalana, a frail, but at the same time strong debut of the Yellow Sisters is published at the beginning of 2007 as part of the 1st prize in the competition Česká spořitelna Colours Talents, organized by Indies Scope Records and the festival Colours of Ostrava supported by Česká spořitelna. “We have long fondled the album, and have long prepared for the recording and in the end the resulting interpretation was completely different from that known by people at the concerts.” The result, album Singalana, is far from making an impression of a debut. It is a thoroughly elaborated work which demonstrates the power of melody, but also impressiveness and fragility of a women’s vocal quartet.