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Instituto Jardim conceived and produces one of the world's most representative festivals on folk culture.

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Instituto Jardim is an enterprise committed with art and culture. Conceived and directed by journalist Geovana Jardim, it has seven history years of non stop presence on the national and international markets, gaining wide recognition as an organization that deals and administrates folk culture projects on both the collective and individual level. Our aim is to give support to masters and groups who are integral part of the Brazilian cultural identity making possible their visibility by publishing them and sharing their work with the public.
Jardim Produções conceived and produces one of the world's most representative festivals on folk culture: Voices from the Masters –, which, on its second edition toured 10 Brazilian cities. It gave coverage to all the four mayor regions of the Brazilian geography and reached, directly, a public of more than 24.000 people. Jardim-Produções' latest action was the organization of the I seminary of Congado in Contagem. As a result of this seminary a booklet-guide with instructions ad information on public policies on the cultural area will be published. (Congado is a deeply rooted Brazilian folk expression which blends religious, artistic and cultural manifestations. Contagem is one of the cities that make up the Belo Horizontes suburban area, Brazil's third largest one)
Still, our enterprise deals with yet another carriage: Latin America, through the festival Latin America: a Necessary Encounter - Through it artist coming from 8 different Latin American countries came together last year in Pedro Leopoldo, another city located on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte. This three days cultural immersion experience included debates, musical shows, art exhibitions and a wide range of cultural manifestations.
Our enterprise is committed with two main different sources and features of Brazilian culture: contemporary and folk music. Contemporary expressions are by represented by our production of some CD'S from groups, composers and instrument players such as qUEbRApEdRA, Ramo Kristoff Silva, Fernando Sodré and Carlinhos Ferreira. Our work on registering the memory and making visible folk cultural manifestations is represented by works such as the CD-Book on the Community of the Arturos, from Contagem, e Dona Maria do Batuque, form São Romão.
Especial Projects:
- Conception and production of two editions of the festival VOICES FROM THE MASTERS.
- General coordination of the 1st Latin America: a Necessary Encounter Festival.
- Jequitibá/ MG Folk Festival, 2008.
- Contemporary Minas (Ibirapuera Theater /SP 2008).
- Artistic production of the FestiVelhas Jequitibá/2007.
- Coordination and production of the Festivale 2006.
CD's production and book publications
CD Ramo Group–Pixinguinha Project (2009)
- Master Jonas - Sambêro (2008)
- Quebrapedra (2008)
CD-Book that researches and registers an almost centennial tradition: the batuque from Dona Maria do Batuque, on the city of São Romão, northern area of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, traditionally one of the richest spots to witness that cultural manifestation on the state.
- Fernando Sodré – River of Contrasts (2008) / Fernando Sodré's CD (2002)
- Kristoff Silva - Standing at the Harbor (2007/2010)
- Carlinhos Ferreira - Percuciência (Percus-science (2007)
CD-Book that registers the celebration of Our Lady of Rosário at the Communitty of the Arturos (Contagem, state of Minas Gerais) one of the most outstanding remains of African heritage in Brazil, made possible through a public funding grant for the invigoration of folk cultural manifestations, 2005.
Internacional Experiences
- Venezuela - December 2010 - Meetings with the collective assembly Tribe, from Caracas, having as an aim the future realization in Venezuela of the festival Latin America: a necessary encounter. The meeting and working place was the PDVSA station in Caracas – organization that support collective projects for future cultural actions in Latin America.
- Womex 2007 – Sevilha - Representation of 15 artists form Minas Gerais ( Including several fieldwork trips to Granada, Madrid and Lisbon sharing and making visible the artist's works with local institutions and music producers.
- Internacional Festival Ollinkan - Tlalpan/México – 2008 – Production of 3 concerts at the Festival having as guest 20 members from the African Heritage Community of the Arturos;
- World Social Forum 2006 – Venezuela – Sharing and presentation of the experience and release of the CD-book with the African Heritage Community of the Arturos.
Experience on International Fairs
Brazilian music fair, 2010
This fair, made up by shows, conferences, discussion tables, audiovisual shows and presentations, workshops for students, and professional musicians and producers form the business sector, is the most important showcase on the wide diversity of our country's music market.
ISPA | International Society for the Performing Arts 2009
The International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) is a not-for-profit international network of performing arts professionals who come together with the shared goal of strengthening the arts internationally by building leadership ability, recognizing and discussing field-wide trends and deepening global exchange through the arts.
VI Cultural Market, 2005 - Salvador/BA - Executive Production Associated Exhibition: On the Tip of Your Tongue: Art form the Portuguese Speaking Peoples (
World Cultural Fórum – São Paulo, 2004
V Cultural Market - Salvador/BA , 2003
Sponsors and Associated Partners
- Holcim Brasil – Latin America: a necessary encounter, throught the State Law on Cultural founding in Minas Gerais;
- Banco do Brasil and OI Telefonia – VOICES FROM THE MASTERS, second edition, through the Rouanet Law on Cultural founding in Minas Gerais, MG;
- Petrobrás Petróleo Brasileiro S/A – 2 projects: Kristoff Silva –Pressing of 3 thousands copies and + shows em Curitiba e Rio de Janeiro
Fernando Sodré – CD River of Contrasts + releasing show in Belo Horizonte.
- Natura Cosméticos S/A – 3 projects:
Kristoff Silva – CD “Em Pé no Porto” - 2006
Kristoff Silva – “Standing on the Harbor" including 4 shows, 1 of them recorded to release the artist's DVD in 2007
Dona Maria do Batuque – CD-book “Is Batuquim going down? It isn't no!” - 2008
- CEMIG – project:
Kristoff Silva em Minas Afinada – DVD recording in Ouro Preto-MG - 2007
- Telemig Celular / VIVO - 6 projects:
I International Festival on Folk Cultures– Voices from the Masters – – 2008
Dona Maria do Batuque – touring in 2 cities on the state of Minas Gerais and São Paulo - 2008
Carlinhos Ferreira – touring of the show in 4 cities on the state of Minas Gerais – 2007
Carlinhos Ferreira – recording of the CD Percus-science - 2006
Fernando Sodré – circulação de shows em 4 cidades mineiras - 2006
Quinteto Tempos – touring of the show in 4 cities on the state of Minas Gerais - 2005
- Belgo Mineira 1 projeto:
Strings and Batuques – touring of the show in 4 cities on the state of Minas Gerais - - 2004
Some of the artist we have represent in Minas Gerais
Renato Borghetti (shows at Winter Festival in Ouro Branco and at the August-Fest at Montes Claros)
Hamilton de Holanda (releasing show of its CD River of Contrasts – Belo Horizonte)
Barbatuques (Winter Festival in Ouro Branco)
A Barca (Winter Festivals in Ouro Branco and in Ouro Preto)
Mestre Salustiano (Winter Festivals in Ouro Branco)
Pena Branca (several shows)
Our main partnerships with institutions
Ministry of Culture – Administration Bureau on Identity and Cultural Diversity.
Cultural Administration Bureau of the state of Minas Gerais
City Government of the city of Belo Horizonte
Project Manuelzão – UFMG
National Association of Guitar Players
Folk Guitar Magazine
Cultural Garden Institute
More information:
It took place two years ago making possible necessary dialogues to make evident the strength and beauty of folk culture and its roll on the overall construction of contemporary culture. The encounter included forums, shows, photographic exhibitions workshops and presentation of various cultural manifestations as well as parallel dialogues and debates. In 2008 it took place in Belo Horizonte during three days and it received nine thousand visitors. Among the activities offered we can mention: an exhibition of guitars in homage to Zé Coco do Riachão, 6 workshops, 3 round tables, different shows in which 10 invited artist and 15 folk musical groups were presented. A team of more that 130 worked on it.
In 2009 the festival toured through 10 Brazilian cities reaching a population of more than 24.000 thousand people. It included a wide variety of musicians such as Lenine, Dominguinhos, Almir Sater, Egberto Gismonti, Naná Vasconcelos, who also had the opportunity to invite the masters they learn from, making thus possible for them to establish a dialogue with the source of their creative processes. Discussion tables were held, which had the special presence of several folk culture masters and, in the city of Curitiba had master Ariano Suassuna as special guest. The encounter with this key figure on Brazilian folk culture was accompanied by more than 800 school teachers from public and private schools.
In 2010 and 2011 the actions of our Encounter had its guidelines on field work researched held in the states of Recife and Maranhão. On top of that we made different partnerships with communities working with traditional folk culture. Activities such as workshop and other educational initiatives were held in partnership with the Community of the Arturos and the I Seminary about the Congado folk culture.

We conceive the arts as powerful tools to convey ideias and to generate interactions between people. On that line of thinking this necessary encounter with LATIN AMERICA has the purpose to congregate its different expressions ― music, cinema, photography, etc. within a frame of debate about Latin-American cultural diversity. Our aim is to get the Brazilian public closer to those neighbor identities and stimulate the feeling of unity among the peoples of our continent.
Having taken place in 2010 the Encounter brought together a wide variety of participants from different Latin-American countries. They all conveyed on a rich cultural agenda which included workshops, exhibitions, cinema projections, round tables and musical shows.
In this way Latin-America: a Necessary Encounter wants to contribute to the integration of Brazil within the rest frame of our continent's nations, represented this one time by Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. On its first version the Encounter's reached near 4.000 (four thousand) people who joined the activities of the event.

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  • WOMEX 2007
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