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From the beginning....Mergin'

It took Alekos almost 3 years to complete his new CD "Mergin' ". The music is a clever mix of Arabic, Jazz, Latin and Greek elements, a World-Jazz genre if you please. Traditional instruments like the oud, the violin and the Nay vs the piano the drums and the saxophone bring out all of the flavors that are mentioned above plus the great playing merges those flavors together.

The reason for this delay was that Alekos was determined this time to do it on his own terms. He started his own record company called Jadeo Music and he futures 2 different labels: Jadeo Music Records and Zymbel Records. "Mergin' " was released on 10th November 2009 by Jadeo Music, worldwide. It is distributed through the e-store of the company ( and the MP3 format is distributed through Alekos did not want to take his album to the majors. That was the first thought as the project evolved. He did not want accounting and marketing messing with his music. The music had to be as pure as snow. He succeeded.

He used friends instead of session musicians like Basam Saba, that flew all the way from New York to Athens just to play in this CD. Takis Paterelis, Serapheim Mpelos, Konstantina Kyriazi, Dimitris Sevdalis, Kiki Bu, April Centrone, Giorgos Roulos were delighted to play in the CD and had a ball. Great improvisations and music playing with the out most artistry is the basis for this work by Alekos.

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