Jamaa / New Sound Foundation

Jamaà is an artists' community from the Middle East, for music, unity and social change.

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Jamaa’s Vision

Jamaà (The Gathering) is a Middle Eastern music led, all media effort to unite our communities and build positive social change around the world.

Jamaà comes together to create great music and to bring it to people all over the world, breaking down the borders placed on us in our quest to make music. We seek to live today what the world can be.

Jamaà is a global community of artists for social change. Founded by leading musicians from across the Middle East, we create and promote high-quality music utilizing our knowledge of music’s power to educate, influence and connect people throughout the world.

Jamaà’s eclectic community of artists, musicians, bands, and music & sound educators unites its strengths under one “tent,” increasing our bandwidth.

Jamaà is a living example that harmony, trust and equality can be achieved naturally through the powerful tools of music: Respect, Responsibility, and Listening.

We are 70% water. Music leads us.

What does this mean?

We, the artists of Jamaa, come together to create and share our music. Facing the challenges of the 21st century, we believe that equality, justice, safety, health and love are fundamental human rights and we hope our music can help humankind get to tomorrow better than we got to today.

Our goal is to amplify our artists voices and in doing so create a global community of artists, musicians and friends, who see the potential we see.

As we expand our capacity and online presence we hope artists of all media types from around the world will join us in offering positive alternatives to the separation, fear, violence, greed, intolerance, and inequalities that we face around the world.


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