Japi Jipi Management

We believe in the idea that an agency can be as creative and driven as the artists it represents. We are based in New York City.

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In Japi Jipi Management, we work with artists that we believe in.
Our team is committed to the idea that music comes first, always focusing on the development and success of each artist’s career from step one.

We base our work on entertainment management, and we thrive to excel on three fundamental structures:

1. Management and Marketing.
2. Tour and Road Management Services.
3. Event and Logistical Production.

We are a private agency based in Brooklyn, NY, with offices in Oklahoma City and Bogota, Colombia. We firmly believe that a select group of professionals with diverse abilities and genuine passion are the answer to the needs of the music industry. We act as a bridge between artists, record labels, festivals and brands, acting within a broad portfolio that translates into tangible entertainment experiences.

Our experience lets us understand and work within the different layers of the professional development that an artist needs. Beginning with the initial consultation, booking, web and social media management, and marketing.



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  • WOMEX 2022


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