Line up

  • Han Seungseok  (vocals, jimg)
  • Kwangyoon Jung (daegeum)
  • Minsu Kang (percussion)
  • Minyoung Kim (gayageum)
  • Nakyung Won (haegum)
  • Sungjae Jo (a-jaeng)
  • Taeyoung Kim (percussion)
  • Yulhee Kim (vocals)


Baraji is a pure Korean word that describes compassionate care given with unconditional support. In Korean traditional music, baraji refers to the impromptu harmony singing by accompanists that enhances the colours of the music. The character of baraji is epitomized in Jindo Ssitgim Gut, a traditional shamanistic purging ritual for the dead where singing and dancing conjoin with prayers for their peaceful rest. The Baraji music group's mission is to pay homage to this still existing ancient tradition and to share the beauty of its music with the world, bringing it together with elements from various styles of traditional Korean music performed on classic instruments such as gayageum, haegum and daegeum. In Jindo Ssitgim Gut, mourning is subsumed by the belief that death is not the end; life goes on and must be celebrated!